Tata Motors has vision, capacity to be India's Tesla

Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi recommends going long on Tata Motors shares as an investment bet to play the electric vehicle theme. He has set a target price as high as Rs 700 for the Tata group auto giant — implying upside of more than 70 per cent from Monday's closing price. 

He suggests investors to accumulate Tata Motors shares in parts. "Levels some Rs 30 below the current market price will be a good entry point," says Singhvi, in this special segment, Wealth Creation Pick.

Why does Anil Singhvi like Tata Motors shares?

Tata Motors has the "capacity and vision to be India’s Tesla", said Singhvi, positive on the Tata group company's strong management. He finds Tata Motors to be the best wealth creation stock to play the EV theme in India with a perspective of 1-3 years. 

Until now, Tata Motors was always gauged by the peformance of JLR... Tata Motors has transformed in the past 2-3 years and is no longer gauged by JLR... Now, its Indian passenger vehicle business is looking strong and international business in China and Europe are also set to improve significantly over the net 6-9 months," he said. 

He expects the company to clock full-fledged growth in the in next financial year. "Tata Motors will be firing on all cylinders," Singhvi said.

Anil Singhvi recommends 'buy' on Tata Motors, targets Rs 550, Rs 700

The market expert has set targets of Rs 550 and Rs 700 for the Tata Motors stock, which he recommends accumulating as a long-term investment bet. 

He also said Tata Motors is known for manufacturing cheap luxury cars globally and is growing strong on the Indian passenger vehicle front. Tata Motors will see strong growth as its profit is growing and debt reducing, he said.  

What analysts say

Motilal Oswal also has a 'buy' call on Tata Motors, with a target price of Rs 540 apiece (31 per cent upside).  

According to the brokerage, while Tata Motors' business in India is already on a path of sustainable growth. JLR is turning the corner and would be the key driver of the stock, Motilal Oswal said.

Tata Motors share price: Historical performance 

Tata Motors shares have risen 4.2 per cent so far in 2023, sharply outperforming headline index Nifty50's 6.3 per cent fall.

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